Rev. Mr. Bonaventure Okoro's Ordination

With praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God Rev. Mr. Bonaventure Okoro will be ordained a priest on Saturday, 15th of August  at 10:30 AM.  You are invited to his First Holy Mass on Sunday, the 16th of August at 11:00 AM at Holy Rosary Parish. Due to restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic, you can also join us in the celebration spiritually through live stream by clicking on the link below.



A priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews 7:17)

Help Keep Our Parking Lots Safe

We are need of more volunteers to patrol our parking lots during Mass times. If can help or would like more information please call Manuel Avila at 380-1525. We take this opportunity to thank those who are currently serving in this ministry.

Cleaning teams are in need of new members

Our parish currently has 9 teams that meet weekly on a rotating schedule.  If you would like to join a team, please call Carmel Caetano at 668-0735 or the parish office at 667-8961.

Youth news

Please go to the Youth page for information regarding CCD and other items.The link is at the top of page or click here.

New Mass schedule starting July 18/19

New updates Regarding Mass Times

New updates Regarding Mass Times

Saturday    5:30 pm English – Live on YouTube – no in person attendance

7:00 pm Portuguese- Live on YouTube – no in person attendance

Masses will be taped live on Saturday. After each mass we will have drive by Communion. The mass will be uploaded on Saturday and you can watch on Sunday at any time. The ideal is to come on Sunday but for those who cannot we will continue to have mass on YouTube. The mass intention will be kept. The immediate family members for whom the mass intention is being offered will be allowed to attend in person, if they choose, but no one else.

Sunday 7 am English

  8 am Portuguese

  9 am English

  7 pm Spanish in Stevinson

All Masses on Sunday will be outside. No chairs will be provided, bring your own. Masks are required. Social distancing. The bathrooms in the storage build will be open. Mass will be about 30-35 minutes. For the most part there will be natural shade from the trees and building.

Daily Mass schedule will remain the same but out side

Confession – Friday 5 to 6 outside church

Novo Horário das missas a partir de 18/19 de Julho

Novos Horarios Da Missa

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Sábado  5:30 Inglês - Ao vivo no YouTube – há porta fechada

7:00 Português- Ao vivo no YouTube - há porta fechada

As missas serão gravadas ao vivo no sábado. Depois de cada missa, teremos distribuição da comunhão às pessoas nos seus carros. A missa estará disponível no YouTube a partir sábado para ser vista no domingo. O ideal é vir no domingo, mas para quem não puder, continuaremos a ter missa no YouTube. A intenção da missa será mantida. Os familiares imediatos a quem a intenção da missa for aplicada poderão assistir pessoalmente, se assim o desejarem, mas mais ninguém.

Domingo 7:00 am Inglês

8:00am Português

9:00 am Inglês

7:00 pm Espanhol em Stevinson

Todas as missas no domingo serão ao ar livre (Missa Campal) Nenhuma cadeira será fornecida, traga a sua. Máscaras são necessárias. Distanciamento social. As Casas de banho no Barracão estarão abertas. A missa será de de 30 a 35 minutos. Na maior parte da missa  haverá sombra natural das árvores e do Barracão.

O horário das missas diárias permanecerá o mesmo, mas com a missa ao ar livre.

Confissões - sexta-feira 5 as 6 fora da igreja.

Nuevo horario de la misas a partir del 18/19 de Julio

Nuevos Horarios De La Misa

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

En Stevinson la misa será los domingos a las 7pm bajo los arboles. Si el Bar que esta a lado hace mucho bulla cambiaremos a la misa en español para Hilmar. Los avisaremos

Sábado 5:30 pm Inglés - En vivo en YouTube - sin asistencia en persona

7:00 pm Portugués - En vivo en YouTube - sin asistencia en persona

Las misas se grabarán en vivo el sábado. Después de cada misa tendremos la destribuicion de la comunión. Las misas estarán desponibles desde el sábado y se puede ver el domingo en cualquier momento. Lo ideal es venir el domingo, pero para aquellos que no puedan, seguiremos teniendo misa en YouTube. La intención de la masi se mantendrá. Los miembros de la familia inmediata para quienes se ofrece la intención masiva podrán asistir en persona, si así lo desean, pero nadie más pude venir.

Domingo 7 am inglés

8 am portugués

9 am Inglés

7 pm español en Stevinson

Todas las misas del domingo serán afuera. No se proporcionarán sillas, traiga la suya. Se requieren máscaras. Distanciamiento social. Los baños en el edificio de almacenamiento estarán abiertos. La misa durará entre 30 y 35 minutos. En su mayor parte habrá sombra natural de los árboles y el edificio.

El horario diario de misas seguirá siendo el mismo, pero afuera

Confesión - Viernes 5 a 6 afuera de la iglesia

Online Giving

Please click on the link to go to our online giving web page.  Here you will be able to create you account and get answers to your questions. We do not have an official start date yet.

Annual Memorial Candle


Purchasing an Annual Memorial Candle in honor of a loved one or for a special intention is a wonderful way to remember your loved one while supporting the parish and beautifying the sacred space of our church. Your memorial candle by our Lady of the Rosary or St. Joseph’s statue will “burn” for one full year in honor of your loved one or your special intention.

A plaque displaying the name of your intention will be mounted in front of each candle.  And will remain for one year.


Under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we the beloved family of God at Holy Rosary/St. Marys are dedicated to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the strength of our worship, teaching and service we strive to be loving and supportive people reaching out with compassion and understanding to those in and beyond our parish family so that we come to be known as Christians by our faith and love.