Maura Almada, Linda Andrade, Maria Olivia Avila, Carol & Sally Baggett, Maria L. Bettencourt, Dan & Shirley Coelho, Marren de Orta Cordeiro, Sarah Cox, Jennifer DeCoteau, Ann DePalma, Gary Fernandes, Porter Fernandes, MaryJo Fontes, Jared Germann, Alex Gonsalves, Finley Huff, Richard Huntley, Tiesha Kelley, Doris Krikorian, Steven LaMarre, Brian Lawrence, Nancy Lawrence, Philbert Lawrence, Sara Lindo, Henry Locke, Mike Lopes, JoAnn Lundell, Brenda Mays, Mark Medeiros, Edward Mendes Jr., Delores Mendes, Lewis Mendes, Margaret Mendes, Nico Morasci, Maverik Nash, Alan Oliveira, Christy Oliveira, Anthony Parreira, Stephanie Rockwell, Jeanne Tristant, Zeb Parreira, Samantha Roberts, Kathleen Silva, Lucy Silveira, Jill Scoto, Amaro Souza, Sally Ann Thomas, Taylor Westcott and Lesley Zorra

Please remember if you have an ill family member or friend that you would like to include on our prayer list or would like a visit by the priest, call the parish office at 667-8961.