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Sacrament of First Holy Communion - Information and Forms

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sacrament of Reconciliation will happen on Tuesday, March 21st at 6pm.  Please arrive early.  This service is for the children only.

Information and Forms pertaining to First Holy Communion....

Parent Information Booklet

Banner Instructions & Patterns

Photo Order Form

A New Way To Give!


Want to donate to our Religious Education Program, but don’t know how or what? Check out our AMAZON Wish List! It is an easy way to provide for the needs of our program. This gets updated as needs arise, and gifts arrive! Use the QR code to take you directly there and see what the current needs of the program are!

Our snack levels are low.  If you are able to donate some individually wrapped snacks, we will be greatly appreciative!

Many, many thanks to those who have donated using this new tool!

Service Hour Events - Click the links below to sign up for upcoming events!

We currently have 1 service opportunity at our parish.....

•   Holy Rosary's Annual Fish Dinner • March 24th: We need lots of helpers! Sign up here!

•   Holy Rosary's Annual Easter Egg Hunt • April 9th   Sign up here!

•   Vacation Bible School 2023 • June 5th through 9th and Sunday Mass on June 11th    Sign up here!

Need to write down your hours for credit?  Use the form here.

Learning Our Catholic Prayers

Is your child in one of Sacramental Programs for either First Holy Communion or Confirmation? If so, they are required to learn some important Catholic prayers.

During the 1st year in the Sacrament of First Holy Communion, the 1st Year Prayers must be completed.

During the 2nd year in the Sacrament of First Holy Communion program, the 2nd Year Prayers must be completed. If you would like some worksheets to help with learning these prayers, we have the 2nd Year Prayers Worksheets available.

Students in the Sacrament of Confirmation Program have to complete the Essential Prayers.

Deadline for these prayers is November 1st before their Confirmation year.


Safe & Sacred Children's Program Materials

In order to remain compliant with Article 12 from the Charter of the USCCD, the Fresno Diocese requires that each parish must present the Safe & Sacred Children’s Program to participants in the CCD Program on an annual basis.  We will be presenting materials to the boys & girls the week before we break for our Holy Rosary Festa (October 11th – 16th). Links to materials for each grade level are available below for parental review.  Please review the materials your child(ren) bring home during the week of October 11th -16th as there will be a section for you, the parent(s), to return to the Religious Education Department.  Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Annie at the parish number of (209) 632-7163.

Grade Level Themes:

Kindergarten – God Made Me Special

1st Grade – Gift from God

2nd Grade – Safe People and Places

3rd Grade – Head and Heart

4th Grade – Personal Space Zones

5th Grade – Staying Safe

6th Grade – Appropriate Online Behavior

7th Grade – Boundaries

8th Grade – Modesty and Reputation

9th Grade – Bullying Session

10th Grade - Cyberbullying

Religious Education Volunteers

Thank you for giving of your time and talents to the children of our parish! In order to ensure the safety of all involved, the Fresno Diocese has created the Safe Environment training course which all volunteers are required to complete.  After reading the following document please click on the link at the bottom to be directed to the Diocese Website and create your account.

Click here to go directly to the Diocese of Fresno Safe Environment Website