Help CCD Reopen in person instruction

CCD Reopening  Plans– In order to apply for re-opening, certain requirements are needed including TEACHERS/Helpers, due to the limit of 10 children per class . The following teachers are needed:


2 for 1st grade (helpers)

6 for 2nd grade (3 of each)

3 for =3rd grade (2 helpers)

3 for 4th grade (2 helpers)

3 for =5th grade (2 helpers)


1 for 7th (helper)

1 for 8th  (teacher)

1 for 9th (teacher)

1 for 9th (helper)


1 for 2nd grade

1 for 3rd grade

1 for 4, 5 & 6 combo class

1 for 7, 8&9 combo class

If you can help by accepting this invitation to help with this special ministry please call Dina 632-7163 for more information and details.


1st Communion Banners, Pictures and Certificates

They are ready to be picked up from the Parish Office, for those who received Holy Communion on July 11, Aug. 15th, and  Aug. 29th, Sept. 12th


Confirmation Info

2nd Year Confirmation robe and saints forms due by Wednesday, January 6th.  Forms were mailed to each student if you didn’t receive one please call Dina at 632-7163.


After reading the following document please click on the link at the bottom to be directed to the Diocese Website and create your account.